If you are serious about getting an internship with us please read the following article. You must be able to commit between 15-25 hours a week. We have a lot coming up in January 2012 so we’re excited to take on a new group of interns!

We currently have the following internships available for Spring 2012:
Fashion Editorial/Journalism Internship4 positions available. Email only, do not apply online. Send writing samples or a link to your writing, resume, and cover letter.

Fashion PR/Publicity Internship1 position available. Must have taken at least one PR course with proof of a passing grade.

Fashion Marketing Internship1 position available. Must have experience or relevant coursework. Should be an active student pursuing a degree in business management, marketing, or advertising or have recently graduated.

Fashion Design Internship1 position available. Must have strong sewing skills.

Fashion Photography Internship2 positions available. Must own your own equipment.

Fashion Videography Internship2 positions available. Must own your own equipment or have access to equipment.

Be sure to know which internship you wish to apply to before contacting us.  Do not send random cover letters and resumes.  We will most likely print, file, and forget.  We are not going to figure out what you are best at.  You should read our internship descriptions, decide on the one that fits you best, and then apply.  If none of them are the right fit maybe it is not time for you to apply.  We are an extremely small staff and get and extremely large volume of applications daily – we do not have time to figure out your interests.

We require between 15-25 hours a week. Make sure when you submit your availability you have given yourself that much time.  Do not exclude weekends.  We work on weekends and interns tend to list Monday – Friday.  Because most of you are students we have staff meetings on Saturdays and Sundays because that is the only time we can get everyone together.  We also host events that typically fall on Saturdays.  Keep that in mind.  If you cannot work on the weekends only apply to business geared internships.  Those, however are not available as often.

We have internships for several reasons: we like helping college students learn about these nifty things seeing how we just graduated, we can offer college credit, you will learn A LOT in relation to business, marketing, editorial, etc and will be equipped to work in the field, we only hire internally, and if you intern with us for a year we will most likely hire you.  We like to know you can do the work.

Now on to the interesting stuff.

Submitting Resumes and Cover Letters

Via Email
Make the subject of the email your name – the position you are apply for and when you would like to begin. ie: John Smith – Men’s Fashion Editorial Internship Summer 2011.

Quick note: Do not apply for an internship we are not currently taking applications for. ie our Fall 2012 internships.  We throw those away or hit that nifty delete button.  We love that you’re interested but we do not yet know if we love all of our interns or even need help next semester.  So, rather than lead you on…we let you go.  (We typically begin the application process three months before the desired internship.  If we need Fall 2011 interns we’ll post it in June)

Cover Letter: Put it in the body of the email.  One page or less.  Not even a full page.  You will have your contact information, the date, our contact information, that “Dear” line and then a few paragraphs on you.  We take cover letters extremely serious because we tend to accept applicants based on their cover letters.  We’re all pretty young and most of us do not have completely awesome resumes yet so we want to know what you can do, what you’re good at, why you like us, and how you think you will fit in or be a perfect fit for the job.

Try to make the first paragraph about you: where you are studying/have studied, what you majored in, your current standing at the school: full time, part time, year, graduation year.  Three sentences or less.  The second should be about your accomplishments that are related to the position.  We do not need to know about your dog walking experience in high school for a photography internship.  Let us know how that public relations writing class sparked an interest for marketing, or how your volunteer work for your school’s fashion show made you this versatile logistical machine that showed you the aggravated side of fashion, etc.  Pull pieces of your resume out and let us know how it works for us without blatantly telling us.  That comes next.  Next paragraph: you are going to tell us how your awesome skills will make you the perfect candidate for us.  Why we could not possibly go on for this semester without you.  Pull some things from our internship description and throw them in our face why don’t you.  Then, of course, let our heads get big and throw some compliments our way: why you want to work with us and how excited you are about the possibility.  If you have exceed 200 we’ll be nice… 250 words then you need to relax.  Cut it down.  We will not read that, we’ll skim it and assume you are too wordy and probably not the right fit for any editorial work here.


  • cover letter should be in the body
  • no longer than 250 words
  • should include ALL of your contact information: Full name, address, phone number, email address
  • NEVER say “Passion for fashion” or use clichéd fashion quotes.

Resume: Attach it to the email as a pdf or a .doc.  Not that we do not have the latest version of Word, but you never know.  A computer might crash and we may have to pull an old one out for a couple of days.  Don’t get pushed behind other applicants because of something so small.  It’s easy, when saving your resume just save it as a 2003 version.  Make sure your contact information is also on here, maybe even the same format.  We like pretty resumes – it tells us that you have put some effort into creating it rather than throwing a bunch of bullet points on a page. Sample. Don’t copy that…it’s honestly not the best thing in the world (Google search) but you get the picture.

References: It’s easy to just attach those as well.  We honestly rarely call references but we like to know we have the option.  It also gives some assurance that you’re not lying and there are people out there that will vouch for you.  Keep them professional.  Friends and family do not work on a reference list.  I’m not too sure why people even do that.  Unless you have worked for them, then they should be listed as their job title rather than your friend or uncle. 3 – 6 works.  They can be professors, supervisors, people you have worked for.  The more professional they are the better.  If Cindy has John Smith – President of Blah Blah Company I’ll probably take her over Sara who has Jane Smith – Co worker at H&M.  It tells me a few things: Cindy put in the effort at that job to get the attention of Sir president or even got to know him in a way where he would not mind giving her a reference.  The more important they sound the better you seem.  Dustin Smith – Professor of Journalism at Said University, Ashley Smith – Director of University Admissions at Said University & photography club advisor.  This also tells me that I may even give you a reference one day because that’s how good you are.

We genuinely prefer this method.  Fill out your resume in its entirety.  You have the option to attach your real resume but we simply print that page and add it to our pile.  We will only open that attachment if we are astonishingly impressed thus far.  But then again that’s probably because all of your work information is listed.  Ergo, we’re not opening it.

Use that “message” section to paste your cover letter.  A one line introduction of yourself does nothing for us.  We probably will not even print your resume if there is nothing in that box.  It’ll be deleted.  The website makes it extremely easy for us to do that.  Follow the same guidelines as above.

Include all of your contact information either in your cover letter or on your resume.  Don’t just put it in the attachment, remember we’re not opening that.  And DO NOT forget it.  We’ve come across dozens of awesome applicants that put absolutely no contact information anywhere to be found. Delete. How do you expect us to get in touch with you.  We simply use the site to get your information.  We are not going to have a back and forth message stream.  This is not Facebook, we’re not friends……yet.

*This goes for everyone
DO NOT apply to every internship we have available.  That is the same as randomly sending us your resume without a desired position stated.  We are not going to do that work for you.  Do not even apply to two.  You are not going to be accepted to two internships in the same company.  We write fairly detailed descriptions.  If that is not enough send us a question about the position and we’re happy to respond.  If you just want to be involved – read the descriptions and try to see where you’ll fit.  We only accept volunteers during events – we may just tell you that if you come off extremely indecisive.

And Then…

We will then email you and let you know you are being considered.  We’ll ask you to do something so we know we do not have a bogus email address and to see how quick you are.  Most likely we’ll say, “if you are still interested please respond with the position you are applying for, when you intend to begin, and your expected availability.”  We probably know most of that information but we need a response.  We’ll also tell you to respond if you are no longer interested.  This only gives us a friendly relationship.  We’ll take a non response as a lack of interest but if you respond we’ll remember that in the future if you are applying for something else.

And Then…

We’ll get that nifty response.  Add you to an excel spreadsheet and call you at some unexpected time and ask if you’re free to chat.  Do whatever you can to speak to us at that moment.  Unless you are at work or in class…maybe in the hospital. If you are in bed attempting to sleep an extra hour after yoga you better chat with us.  What typically happens, we’ll give you a call back number that will either go to voicemail or get picked up by an assistant.  We’re usually free the moment we call you and getting us on the phone again will be difficult.  When we go through the voicemail we’ll take all business calls first then interns probably at the end of the day…on a day we are free (might be over a week later).  There is no hierarchy, therefore Sara who just applied 40 minutes ago may get her phone interview before you – who applied a month ago.

During this phone call we will talk a bit about how you found out about us, your availability, some more information on the position.  We’ll attempt to scare you about the position.  We’ll see if you still want it.  We may pull some random info out of your cover letter and resume and ask about it.  We may ask about your references and how you really know them.  Then we’ll schedule an interview.  While talking to us try to find your schedule because we will give you two options at the end of that phone call.  If those don’t work we’ll give two more a couple weeks later. If you do not know your availability we’ll email you…kind of a receipt of our conversation and give some more dates/times for an interview.  Reply to that email as soon as possible with an interview time.  Don’t call us. Or you can try, but that may be a bit difficult.

The Interview

The day has arrived.  You are coming for your interview.  You will get an email with the address and all contact information, who you are meeting with, their contact information, and directions once your interview is scheduled.  Know how to get here.  Do not show up too early, that’s burdensome and do not be late.  Ten minutes early is acceptable…ten minutes late will probably cause a very short interview and no call back.  DO NOT dress business casual…We need to get a sense of your style so wear something professional but something fashionable.  When you leave we should be able to say “what a stylish individual.”

Bring: a hard copy of your resume, cover letter, and references.  A portfolio if necessary or if you have one (typically photography interns).  If you happen to have a work portfolio or something that shows your knowledge of the fashion world that works.  This is NOT required.  Turn your phone off.

We’ll begin with the infamous “tell me about yourself” statement.  So practice it.  Walk us through how you have developed your interests in whatever field you are in.  How you became interested in fashion, etc.  It’s nice that you learned to ride a tricycle when you were five but we don’t really care.  Keep everything relevant.  We’ll then tell you to walk us through your resume.  We’ll ask more questions about you to see if you really will fit well with us and in this position.  If we feel like you’ll be better for another position  after speaking with you, we’ll let you know.  We’ll ask what you know how to do, ask about current fashion trends, some designers, local things, etc.  Do some research before you come.  We recommend, pick a few designers in their directory and go with it.  Do not come in and read us back a trend they’ve reported though, we’ll know.  Not all positions require this much fashion knowledge but this is necessary for the women and men’s editorial.

This interview should last 30 minutes to an hour.  The longer it is the better chance you have.  It probably means we like you enough to continue the conversation.  This does not mean you should ramble on about yourself.  But if we are engaged and we are provoking the duration of the conversation we probably just like you.  We will end an interview in less than 15 minutes if we know things are not going to work out or if we’re busy.

Don’t say “passion for fashion.” Find another phrase for that cliché.

We’ll call and email you if we like you.  We’ll just email if we don’t.  If you hear NOTHING from us for a month give us ring or send an email and we’ll see what happened.

Marketing interns
We will have a group interview first. Pick out the strongest then have individual interviews.  Try your hardest to make it to the first group interview.  The next will be scheduled with the next round of applicants and may be weeks later.


Do not spell our name wrong.  It is: The Boston Bazaar.  Not Boston Bizarre or boston Bizzarre (that’s not even how you spell it).

Do not spell anything wrong.  Spell check exists, it runs our lives.

Do not sound insecure: “I am a perfect candidate for this position” sound better than “I think I might be a good candidate for this position.”

Don’t say “passion for fashion”


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  1. lily bornhausen November 12, 2014 at 5:28 PM #

    Voces estao de parabens ,muito bom ira ajudar muitas pessoas .

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